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Spring Break Without AdvoCare Spark … It’s a Scary Thing!

I was out of spark my kindergartners ENTIRE spring break. Do you know what it feels like to be out of Spark? For a week straight!? With a very active, young child at home, all day long?!!? It was rough. There is a very high likelihood that wanted to cry a few days ..or maybe even every day! Let me shed some light on how it felt. It felt like a bus full of high school football players hit me, and then decided to park on top of me pinning me down, but each one wanted me to make them a full 3 course meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the while being told to juggle and jump rope, jogging, during a 10K marathon that I did not train for, at the same time! So you ask, what did I get done? …. A whole lot of nothing. Well, it is possible I got some complaining in about being out of Spark, but we won’t get into that for now!

Screenshot 2016-04-12 09.44.27This morning I tried AdvoCare’s Green Apple Spark! It was amazing. It was like an explosion of sour apple in my mouth. Energizing me from the first sip! My morning was fabulous. My daughter’s morning was fabulous! Even she approves of my pick me up Spark attitude!!! 15 tiny little calories, B-6 vitamins, B-12 vitamins, and so many more, dictate my entire day in such a powerful, positive way that even my 5 year old prefers me using Spark!!

Have you had your mommy juice today!? What are you waiting for? Would you like to try Spark for yourself to experience it’s amazing benefits!? Shoot me an email below, OR click here, and let’s get you started on your own Spark journey!!





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