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AdvoCare’s Return and Refund Policy

So what happens if you don’t like the product you purchased? – Which, I will admit, is very unlikely! On the slim chance you are unsatisfied with your purchase, AdvoCare will take care of you!

Return and Refund Policy


If a Retail Customer is not completely satisfied with the Products they purchased, the Retail Customer may request a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase by returning the unused portion of the product and a copy of the Retail Sales Receipt. The refund must be processed directly by AdvoCare. The refund amount is based upon the retail price, sales tax (if applicable) and shipping costs.* Product refunds are made in the same form of payment as the product purchase.

Call AdvoCare at (800) 542-4800 or email: CustomerService@AdvoCare.com.

*Refunded shipping costs are calculated as the lesser of 5% retail value of the items returned or $75, but no less than the current standard flat shipping rate.

AdvoCare Contact Information

Phone: (800) 542-4800

Email: CustomerService@AdvoCare.com

AdvoCare Returns Department
2800 Telecom Pkwy
Richardson, TX 75082

So there it is, you have 30 days! Want to try the 24 day challenge? Try it! Risk free!

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